Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Heart Faces No. 3

This photo was taken in 2004. I like to think of my two youngest children, ages 6 and 5 at the time, as walking toward their sun-dappled path to a bright future. I also had photos of all four of my children walking hand in hand, but since I can enter one photo... Choices, choices.

This photo has some artistic effects added.

The I Heart Faces challenge is featuring photos from "behind" this week. (No bare ones, they promise!) 

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Kaleidoscope Peacock

Peacock Kaleidoscope Mandala by Jeanne Selep Imaging

Following my Thansgiving post (which featured a peacock), I decided to use these two images as my Mosaic Monday post.

I was playing around with this mandala technique about a year ago. I feel it is a photo mosaic because it is composed of multiple images, sliced and diced, just not in traditional squares and rectangles. Let me know your opinion. This is a technique I have been pursuing artistically for a while.

I sell this card (and many others) in various places.  

This is my 4th entry to Mosaic Monday.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Alternative

male peacock by Selep Imaging

Happy Thanksgiving!

These might actually be turkeys in disguise.


Imagine possible alternatives to thanksgiving turkey...

If we lived in, say, India...

(If Columbus hadn't stumbled across North America while searching for India...)

The pilgrims might not have come,
or maybe they would have arrived and settled in India instead...

Maybe we would be eating peacocks (No!).

I sell this peacock card and photo in my on-line store at

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Outdoor-Wednesday snowman Selep Imaging Here are two snowman images I am thinking of turning into simple cards. I remember taking the photos and thinking - wow, these will be great for cards. I even 'styled' the snowman with the shovel and sprinkler. But now my snowmen look kind of, well, lumpy. (snicker...) I think I must have some other snowman shots somewhere... This year (or in 2010), I am going to create really great snowman... (A Goal) and get really great pictures. Let me know what you think... P.S. We have no snow here by me yet, but also no more great fall colors. So, I'm looking for some Outdoor Wednesday shots from other seasons. I took these photos last winter. Learn more about Outdoor Wednesday by clicking here:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Faces : I Heart Faces No. 2

I Heart Faces is a photography meme website focused on capturing faces and emotions. The site has a weekly themed photo challenge, and this is the second time I am entering the challenge.

Here is my entry for this week's
theme "Autumn Beauty". I took this photo of my children in 2005, and it is one of my favorite fall images.

I had scouted around for a very colorful maple tree that had just lost leaves. I got matching shirts at Old Navy. Everyone had a shower or bath (so they could then get buried in a pile of leaves) I took the rake to the park with me. I combed the children's hair. I got the children and husband snacks and bribes. We tried to arrange the children in close proximity, hide their bodies and rake the leaves all around them.

Of course, at the time, I was hoping all four children would look angelic and perfect in at least one frame, but someone always had...
a funny expression,
or a blinking eye,
or was being silly,
or was annoyed at a sibling
or was annoyed at an itchy leaf.

And of course, they were ALWAYS moving.

Such is a photo session with my four. :)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cedarburg Card designs, Outdoor Wed No. 16

Autumn selep-imaging Cedarburg Wisconsin card design Outdoor-Wednesday

Here are some card designs I have created for Pizzazz, a shop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin that sells some of my cards. Cedarburg has a beautiful river winding it's way through the community that I just love. I am now planning on photographing the same locations in different seasons, lighting conditions, and weather, just like Monet did. (Well, OK, he painted).

Outdoor-Wednesday autumn Jeanne-Selep Cedarburg Wisconsin card design
I am only now experimenting with adding text to the cards. Ouch! So many choices - font, font color, font size, text prominence and location in the photo... Do I want different cards to have the same fonts, or different ones...

Let me know your opinions...

Click here for an excellent example of Monet's variability with the same location...

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunflowers: Mosaic Monday No. 2


These images are different views from the same Sunflower field.

I created this photo mosaic several months ago, after seeing and admiring photo mosaics on different blogs. Only in October - November of 2009 did I realize that Mosaic Monday was a challenge devoted to this "art form". Some of the great photo mosaics I had seen where probably part of Mosaic Monday!

So now I get to share this photo mosaic of sunflowers with other photo mosaic artists.

Visit Mary’s
The Little Red House for beautiful photo mosaics from all over.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Marbles! - Show and Tell No. 2

selep-imaging marbles California-job-caseI haven't lost my marbles! In fact, I have collected them since I was a teen, when you could buy a jar for under $5.00.

Some of my favorite marbles are in an old California Job Case that I refinished, and covered with glass, and hung on the wall, before I had children, even. (More then 15 years ago...)

I spent hours arranging the colors in the little rectangles, which used to house printer's type. (Do you see the metal handle on the left of the wood cabinet? That is the drawers's handle.) This type tray (called a California job case by those in the know) would have been a long low drawer in a cabinet.

selep-imaging marbles
I love the color, shape and sound of marbles, and loved playing with them as a child. I never played the "real" game of marbles as a child. Instead, we would roll them along the floor, knocking down blocks, and sometimes roll them down the stairs.

selep-imaging marbles
I also have Jars and Jars of marbles.

selep-imaging marbles

I'm guessing my marble display is a little dated now, (And I suppose my teal ragged walls are dated too!), but I have always loved my marble collection. I can no longer find marble jars with gorgeous marbles for under $5.00, though. :)

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Monday, November 2, 2009

I Heart Faces No. 1 : Balloon theme

Jeanne Selep Imaging balloon portrait

I Heart Faces is a photography meme website focused on capturing faces and emotions. The site has a weekly themed photo challenge, and this week's theme is "Balloons".

Here is my entry. This is the first time I am entering the meme
. I took this photo of my daughter in 2008. Technically, there are several faces in this photo. One is blue, one is yellow, one is green, and one is Miranda. :)

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