Sunday, March 21, 2010

Angles - I Heart Faces No. 10

Family portrait by Jeanne Selep Imaging
I am making a lot of blog posts for photo 'memes'.

Here is my easy definition of an blogging Meme:
'meme' -(rhymes with "theme") - are themes that a hosting blogger will suggest to other other bloggers to post about, and then other bloggers make a post and "link" their post to the hosting blogger's post.

Photo meme's usually have a photography topic suggested, recipes meme's share recipes (perhaps with a theme), some meme's have bloggers write about a particular idea.

The photo challenge at the "I Heart Faces" meme is the largest meme that I participate in. Sometimes over 800 photographers submit a photo for a theme that is changed weekly. On the "I Heart Faces" meme, (and many other meme's I participate in), an internet widget known "Mr. Linkey's Magical widgets" manages the links that people submit.

The "I Heart Faces" theme for the week is "ANGLES". Photographers are to submit a photo with at least one person's face taken from an unexpected angle.  This is the 10th time I am joining this meme.

I took this family portrait for one of my earliest Selep Imaging customers, a friend I have known since shortly after our oldest son's were born. (15 = years now, and counting!) While I have taken photos from this angle since, this remains one of my favorite photos from above... (maybe 'cause I felt so cutting edge at the time. Ooolala.) The three sisters, their spouses and children are smiling and trusting me to not drop the camera!

I am a fan of photographs that capture more then one great expression at a time - because great multiple people photos are exponentially harder to get then a great photo of just one person. ESPECIALLY with children. (Although some adults can can be problematic also.)

Here is my own personal mathematical formula for the difficulty of getting a good photo.

DIFFICULTY = (n) squared ;
where n = the number of people in the photo.

If the difficulty of getting a great picture of one person were rated 1,
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 2 people is 2 squared = 4.
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 3 people is 3 squared = 9.
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 4 people is 4 squared = 16.
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 5 people is 5 squared = 25.
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 6 people is 6 squared = 36.
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 7 people is 7 squared = 49.
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 8 people is 8 squared = 64.
the difficulty of getting a great picture of 9 people is 9 squared = 81...

This formula is NOT to discourage anyone - it is just to encourage photographers with larger families... Take a deep breath and KNOW that what you face (pun intended) will not be easy!

The I Heart Faces challenge this week (Week 12 in 2010) is ANGLES. Click here to see the winners.  (I was entry 10 of 802).  

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Jan said...

NEAT shot!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shot... (but please.. oh please.. make sure that you only have one of those pics in your post!! Pick one and take the other out, or you won't be eligible for the contest,and I would hate to see that happen!).

Life with Kaishon said...

I love this picture a ton. So wonderfully creative and fun! Way to go!

Alice said...

what a really cool shot!

feel free to check out my angle shot anytime :)

☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Awwwesome ENTRY!!!
iLuv it!!
so creative...☺

Buckeroomama said...

Your formula makes perfect sense to me! It's such a challenge for me just to get a good shot of my two kids together. :)

I love your entry!

Colleen said...

what a wonderful family it!!!

The Willits Family said...

I wonder if you have seen this picture. I bet you would love it. I would love to do this myself. I have been reading up but I have not had any luck yet. It is an unforgettable shot for me though. I keep going back to it. Your shot reminded me of it. I love what you said about the difficulty of getting more people in a photo.

Lena said...

Great shot and angle. I love the perfect square treatment too.

abnsigoslady said...

Wonderful. I would never be able to get all my crew to be still for it! Laura

Anonymous said...

i love it!! :)

krista @

Keri Alane said...

Great Angle...Great Shot...Love the Formula LOL!

Crystal Rae said...

So far my favorite one. I love that everyone is in a circle but the angle is the best. Great shot!