Thursday, February 18, 2021

Bluebird Hot Tub Party

BlueBird of Happiness
Bluebird of Happiness

The phrase "bluebird of happiness" refers to the idea that seeing a bluebird is an omen of good luck, joy or happiness.  This concept has existed for centuries in European, Chinese, Russian, Native American and other cultures. I'm hoping this idea is true, because recently I have been seeing a whole lot of bluebirds.

In summer 2020, I put up a bird feeder to add activity outside my dining room window
.  As summer progressed the feeding birds were fun to watch. They were mostly LBB's as my sister calls them, Little Brown Birds.

Eastern Bluebird male by Jeanne Selep
Eastern Bluebird at my heated Birdbath

Fall came, and I put up more feeders.  When winter came I figured out how to supply electricity to the heated birdbath I had owned for over a decade.  (i.e., I purchased a really long outdoor power cord.)   Wow, that made a difference once the snow began to fall.  Apparently birds like seeing open water.  

Eastern Bluebird by Jeanne Selep
Bluebird at my birdbath

I now have a large variety of birds in my backyard.  Most are still LBB's (little brown birds).  But the most exciting sight is a small flock of bluebirds that regularly visit the birdbath.  

Bluebird hot tub party
Bluebird Hot-tub Party

In decades of life in Wisconsin, I've almost never seen a real bluebird, and now 3-5 can show up for a daily hot-tub party. 

Bluebird hot tub party
Bluebirds are Flighty!

But they move fast and are SO flighty!  (No wonder they are considered hard to see!)  So I used wrapping paper to make a blind on part of my window, put my camera on a tripod, and here are some of the results. 
(The birdbath is about 6 feet from the window).  

Two male Eastern Bluebirds
Two Male Eastern Bluebirds

My first photos (not shown) highlighted how dirty the birdbath was, so I had to go out in the snow and scrub the birdbath down for better photos.  (I had to "style" the birdbath).  And I need to add water almost every day when it's zero degrees Fahrenheit out, but the birds make the effort worthwhile. 

Female Eastern Bluebird by Jeanne Selep
Female Eastern Bluebird

Despite the blind, the birds seem aware that I am there.  The ability to actually stare at my photos (since the actual birds move so fast) makes me feel happy - my bluebirds are looking at me!  I want to protect these tiny creatures who can handle -5 degrees Fahrenheit, in a world where the climate is changing faster than we can comprehend.  

Bluebird and reflection
Bluebird drinking and Reflection

I love how the little bluebird above has a drop of water on his beak.  The reflection and spreading water droplet turned out well.  He is a male Eastern bluebird.  Western bluebirds have blue all the way around the neck. 
(I found this site great for bluebird identification and maps, bird song recordings and bluebird information.)

Bluebird head closeup by Jeanne Selep
Bluebird head Closeup

Since my post is about bluebirds, I thought I would share two vintage postcards featuring bluebirds that I have in a collection of vintage cards.

1920s Vintage bluebird postcard 514
Vintage postcard 1 - with Bluebirds and nest

I like the sweet graphics and cute sentiments found on the old cards.  One is postmarked 1922, the other says 1920(?).

1920s Vintage bluebird postcard 504
Vintage postcard 2 - with Bluebirds postmarked 1922

I'm also sharing two vintage porcelain birds I've had for quite some time.  I used to think the shape was exaggerated, but now I see what the artist saw.

Vintage ceramic bluebird figurines
Vintage ceramic bluebird figurines

My photographs show round fluffed out little birds that seem to match the shape of the sculpted figures.

Eastern Bluebird male Blue bird by Jeanne Selep
Eastern Bluebird

I hope sharing my photos of these "bluebirds of happiness" will bring you good luck and joy.  After all, you are now seeing them too.

Maybe this is a sign that the pandemic will pass soon?  We can only hope...  Until then, stay safe and warm!

If you want to see more snow, (yeah, right - who wants to see more snow?!?) check out my Winter Garden.)

Click on the images to see them enlarged.

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Isabel said...

Que maravilha!

Bom dia!

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

Your pictures are fantastic! I love watching the birds come to our feeder. It's brought us so much joy. Now I need to figure out how to get a heated bird bath! Thanks for linking up to Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Joanne said...

Your photos are fantastic! What a fun way to see some beautiful birds...I didn't even know they made heated bird baths.

Christie Hawkes said...

I'm not sure about good luck, but these photos definitely brought me joy first thing this morning. I guess it was good luck that I saw your post on Blogger's Pit yeah, the blue bird of happiness is real. Nice job capturing these images. They are truly beautiful.

Hiby said...

Oh my, these are great shots!!
How lucky you get to see them enjoying in your birdbath!!

Lynda said...

Love this post! I have 5 pairs of Bluebirds coming to my feeder and heated water bath. So exciting! I think I need to get a few more Bluebird boxes for the spring. :-)

Linda Nelson said...

Oh, how lucky for you! Such lovely little birds. Sadly, the particulars of my neighborhood does not attract them.

Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

How beautiful and what great shots!

junie-jesh said...

Oh wow, it was worth thinking about the birdies' comfort. So cute - you're having a party here:) Also like your porcelain bluebirds. Yeah, I know what you mean by changing your thoughts about the artist (smile).
PS Since it's my first winter in Texas, I am as surprised as you are. Snow and freezing temps in a southern state? One journalist called it a "one-in-a-generation" event.

Louca por porcelana said...

Wonderful post!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh I loved every single bit of this post! Bluebirds are such a special treat and as you say so flighty and hard to photograph (for most of us.). So wonderful! I knew that birds were attracted by water as much or more than food, but wow did it ever work wonderfully for you! It was great how you made the blind (your windows must really be clean btw!). And I laughed thinking about you “styling” the birdbath , but then thought about how cold it must be ... thanks for doing that for the sweet birds and for sharing them with us.

Irma said...

What beautiful pictures of the bluebird.
We do not see this species here in the Netherlands.
Great that you can photograph this from your home, yes birds are very smart and notice immediately when you get there.
I wish you a nice Sunday.

Ella said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful birds with us! This species does not occur in the Netherlands!
Enjoy your Sunday!

eileeninmd said...

I love seeing the Bluebirds, they do make me happy. They are so pretty.
I see them once in a while in my yard, I wish they would stay. I have the same electric bird bath, all the birds enjoy the water. I like your Bluebird figurine. Beautiful series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day! I wish you a happy new week ahead! PS, thank you for the comment.

Hannah and the Twiglets said...

Wow these photos are amazing, they've definitely cheered me up! :) #mischiefandmemories

Anni said...

Exceptional & extraordinary...beautiful bluebirds, each and all.
Enjoy your week ahead, and thanks for taking time to link in.

Hannah and the Twiglets said...

Just popping in from #KCACOLS too :) :)

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Fantastic! I see bluebirds every year, in fact we maintain a trail of nesting boxes for them, but I have never had them visit my backyard, and I would be overjoyed if they did. Perhaps it's time to invest in a heated birdbath! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am delighted to have discovered yours.

Penelope Notes said...

These are incredibly clear photos of bluebirds, National Geographic worthy. You worked hard to create the best conditions for perfect shots! Bravo! Much happiness coming your way I'm sure!

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful photography of our 'feathered friends' ~ The bluebird is quite special ~ thanks for sharing the blessings ~ Happy Week to You.

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Jo (a Rose Tinted World) said...

What stunning little birds, they are like robins only blue! I don't think I have ever seen these here in the UK?

kidcandoodle said...

I used to have a birdbath in front of my kitchen window and it was exciting to see interesting birds (less common than the pigeon). I've never seen a bluebird. I get excited when I see robins come through my tiny garden. cheers #KCACOLS

Rain said...

What a fun post! And some beautiful photography!

April Harris said...

I so enjoyed this post, Jeanne! Your photographs are absolutely amazing, and those bluebirds are so very sweet. I love that you've heated your birdbath. Not only will the birds enjoy it but it gives them access to water in the cold weather. It was lovely to see the vintage cards as well. Thank you so much for sharing and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party Community. Have a lovely week.

Bill said...

Beautiful photos, thanks so much for sharing!
Have a nice day.

Lydia C. Lee said...

I''ve not seen a real one of those - your photos are great and that bird is just magnificent! #WeekendCoffeeshare

Erica/Erika said...

Nice to meet you, Jeanne, Your photos are exceptional! The close up of the bluebird is an amazing capture. You are inspiring me to put a bird bath in our yard to see who comes to visit. I may have missed the answer somewhere. What type of a camera do you use? 🙂 Erica

Natalie said...

Jeanne, Beautiful birds and excellent photos. Thanks for linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Jeanne you are so fortunate to have so many pretty bluebirds come to your bird feeders and birdbath! They are so sweet!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Oh, MY! Your pictures are amazing and beautiful! I too have seen way more bluebirds this winter than ever before. (We live in Michigan.)
I took some pics, standing on a chair, through the window...I just have a point and shoot camera, so the closeups I made are a bit grainy. They sure DO fluff themselves up!

Nice to meet you!

Here is a link to my post with the bluebird pics...they are near the end...

Corina said...

I enjoyed reading about your bluebirds and looking at the pictures. Lucky you!

Handmade in Israel said...

What gorgeous photos! How nice of you to scrub the birdbath for the birds and the photos :) It must be a delight to watch them!

Jean said...

How wonderful to have so many bluebirds in your backyard! The birds most definitely appreciate your giving them a drink of fresh water. Gorgeous photos. Happy Monday!

Rhodesia said...

Thanks for the visit and I love the bluebirds. LBB is a new one on me I have always known them as LBJ's Little Brown Jobs.😊 Keep safe, Diane

NCSue said...

Our bluebirds have started checking out the nest boxes - we have have babies again this year. Love to see and hear the bluebirds!
Thanks for sharing at

Meditations in Motion said...

Wow! Your bluebird photos are gorgeous! I was watching some pretty bluebirds out of my back window this morning. It is snowing here today, and they were taking cover in a crepe myrtle bush near my deck.

Sandee said...

You and I are on the same page. We feed the birds here. We don't get snow, but we make sure they have a place to eat and a place to have water and bathe. So precious. A huge Awww.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ♥

Marvelous Marv said...

These are such awesome shots! Sometimes I wish I did not have cats. We have to be extra careful where any feeders go or the cats would look them as a kitty smorgasbords. We don't have bluebirds where we live in Canada so I have never seen them, except in photos. Your make me feel like I am really there! THANK YOU! Have a marvellously happy day

Sandra @ Dinner at Eight said...

Gorgeous photos of a bird I've only seen occasionally, perhaps once or twice a year. And never long enough for a photo.

Tanza Erlambang said...

cute birds....great shots

Sandi Magle said...

Your photos are precious! And, the stories and cards so precious, I have those two little porcelain birds somewhere also...! Hugs, have a great week!

Timmy Tomcat said...

Thanks for that stupendous Awww

Lady Fi said...

Awww - just fabulous!

Shelley Whittaker said...

Aren't they just gorgeous! And how wonderful to be able to see them from your window. #KCACOLS

Janet said...

Oh I love these bluebird pictures! We had bluebirds for the first time this winter. They visit the suet feeder I put out - and now that I see how much they enjoy the hot tub party, I'm totally motivated to buy the birdbath heater that I've been eyeing!

Mascha said...

So cute birds (we haven't bluebirds here in Germany) and such a kindly comfortable bath for them!
I took your blog in my sidebar now, that I never miss your new post.
Stay healthy have a nice day

Villrose said...

What a beauty! Of corse it will bring good luck :)

Donna @ Modern on Monticello said...

Thank you for sharing your stunning - and precious - photos of these blue birds. Makes me want to out and buy more bird feeders and set up my camera to see if they will show up in my area. I mostly have Robins, BlueJays, and Cardinals if the squirrels will allow them near the feeders. Thanks so much for visiting with us this week and sharing at #HomeMattersParty

Peabea Scribbles said...

You got some great shots of them. I'm not sure I've ever seen one. Thanks for sharing. I usually only get the LBB. Fun to watch as they flit here and then; especially in the Spring.

Dana, A mamanista Life said...

Here in the Uk we have just found out we may be out of lockdown on June 21st. I think post lockdown anxiety is going to be a real thing for many people so, baby steps may be the right option for many stepping back into the old normal way of life. I would love to travel with my family this year x x Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS

Katrina | ChatterFox said...

It sounds silly but I never realised how vivid the blue colour was on a bluebird. Lovely pictures.
Katrina x

betty-NZ said...

How wonderful to see these beauties out your window! I know they like the water in the middle of winter.

Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Annette, 3 Little Buttons said...

Oh wow! You are so lucky to have this little flock visiting you. They are beautiful and it's lovely to see so many photos of them just sitting there, out and about. Thank you for joining us for the #mischiefandmemories linky :-)

Dana, A mamanista Life said...

Beautiful photos of some gorgeous little birds xx #mischiefandmemories

Michelle said...

These photos are so good! Bluebirds are the sweetest and I love seeing them on our farm. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

Crummy Mummy said...

What an amazing colour - incredible! #mischiefandmemories

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Oh how wonderful are these photos?! What a lovely symbol of spring arriving after a very long and cold winter. I love that you were able to capture these beautiful feathered friends enjoying your bird bath! They are so cute and plump and your ceramic bluebirds really are quite accurate representations. Thanks so much for sharing and linking with me. This post just made me smile so big!


Katrina | ChatterFox said...

Also popping by from #KCACOLS

Katrina x

Kirstin said...

Those are gorgeous photos. What a pretty bird. Visiting from Weekend coffee share.

My thrift store addiction said...

What charming photos! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

Linda said...

What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing on the Classy Flamingos blog party.

Eclectic Red Barn said...

Oh those bluebirds are so pretty. I saw one last week, but never that many. Congratulations, you are being featured at Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you stop by.

Lydia from Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen said...

How clever to set up a blind to hide you and your camera!

We used to enjoy setting up bird feeders and a bird bath, but one of our cats turned out to be quite a huntress so we took them down. Perhaps we'll set them up again someday.

Thanks for sharing your post with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

My Hubbard Home said...

These little guys just tugged at my heart. I wish blue birds would visit us in ID.
I am so happy to feature you at the Friday with Friends link party!
Thank you for adding your post, and I really look forward to seeing you next week :)

Typical Mummy said...

Wow! Such beautiful birds! How lucky you are to have them visit your garden! #KCACOLS

Radha said...

Lovely! Amazing photos of the blue birds.

Lydia C. Lee said...

What a delightful bird!!

Birgitta said...

Wonderful photos!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Beautiful bluebirds!

magiceye said...

Delightful captures of the adorable bluebirds. Your efforts surely paid off.

Lady Fi said...

Wow - how gorgeous!

Tanza Erlambang said...

I saw several blue birds visit my backyard recently....
look beautiful

Deb's World said...

These are delightful photos of the blue birds and I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I love the hot tub party one :) Thanks for joining me for #shoutoutsaturday