Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Potion Bottles

blue and green wheaton Bitter bottles
Bitter bottles
The 'treasure' (or more accurately trinkets) I am sharing today are a collection of small bottles I have accumulated over the past several years at various rummage sales.  I love the sparkle of colored glass, and I don't resist buying a pretty bottle when I run across one.  
Yellow Wheaton Bitter bottles
Yellow Bitter bottles
I decided to make this post in honor of the last Harry Potter movie (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2)  which was released this month.  These little bottles would make great 'potion' containers. 

Purple Wheaton Bitter bottles
Purple bitter bottle bottles
A purple bottle with a bird claw grabbing it - a Harry Potter potion seems to be the appropriate contents.

Blue ink and Wheaton Bitter bottles
Blue bottles for ink and bitters
The real purpose of many of these bottles were bitters, (whatever they are), or in the case of the squarish blue bottle above, ink.  (For Harry Potter, magic ink.)  The bottle to the left of the ink has a horseshoe shape surrounding a horse head.  A lucky potion, perhaps?  Or will it make you as fast as a horse? 
Green Wheaton Bitter bottles
Green bitter bottles
Many of these bottles were reproduced, and probably most of the bottles I own are reproductions.  I really haven't been inspired to research bitter bottles much.  Sometimes you just want to enjoy an item without knowing all about it.  I enjoy finding bottles here and there and adding them to my window sill collection.  
Jenny Lind and Cape May red bitter bottles
Jenny Lind and Cape May red bitter bottles
The bitter bottles in particular have fun and different designs - faces of people and presidents, horses and grapes and fish appear pressed into the bottles designs.  Maybe the red Jenny Lind potion makes you sing well, and the lighthouse potion makes you see well at night.

Tree of Life bitter bottle
Tree of Life Bitter Bottle

The little green bottle above has "The Tree of Life" on it, and is probably one of my favorite bottles. It is 3.25 inches tall (about 8.3cm).  A long life potion, I'm guessing. 

Orange chicken candy dish
I don't own any orange bottles, so when I saw this little chicken container in intense orange shades, I bought it to make a better rainbow of glass.  Perhaps herbology herbs stored in this container made the chickens lay golden eggs.  

Bitter bottles wheaton
Half of my window sill collection
I didn't take any photos to show the scale of the bottles, but all of these bottles are under 4 inches (10 cm) tall.  Most of the bottles are 3 inches tall.  

Bitter bottles wheaton
The other half of my collection
Bitter bottles wheaton
I love the different shades of glass
I am still looking for a pink bottle.  I know pink bitter bottles exist, (on Ebay), but I prefer the rummage sale prices.

Some comments have been left asking me how I clean these small bottles.  I soak them (w/ detergent) and rinse them, sometimes for days.  Sometimes I use vinegar, and/or salt.  A bottle brush can be used on some bottles.  A baby store sometimes has baby bottle brushes, and there is a tiny brush for cleaning the rubber baby bottle nipples.  (Ouch, I hate to say it here, but there is a baby nipple brush.  That sounds bad.),  Pipe cleaners might also work.  You can also take a strip of cloth, or paper towel, push one end into the bottle, and twist more of the strip into the bottle.  (Does that make sense to anyone besides me?)  Eventually you have a wad of material pushing on the inside of the bottle with each twist.  Be careful to untwist the material to remove it.  Ending up with a wad of paper towel in a bottle is a pain, then you need tweezers to extract the paper towel...  Cloth is easier in some ways, because it won't tear.  However, if the bottle is acid etched (after a time, you will begin to know what that is), and or scratched, the above won't help as much. 

OMG, it is so funny that I am writing in a post how to clean anything.  Cleaning is really not a favorite task...   But the results are worth it.  

Click on an image to see it larger.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Floral Bling

Trifari Floral Pin Brooch
Trifari Pin in Spring colors
I haven't shared any bling and jewels on my blog recently.  If you are familiar with my blog, you probably know  I collect china.  I have collected china for a couple of years, but I have collected costume jewelry for a couple of decades, long before I collected china.  So today I thought I would share a trio of colorful pins (brooches) I own.
Trifari Floral Pin Brooch
Trifari Pin in Summer colors
These three pins are the same pin design, executed in different metal finishes and 'colorways' of rhinestones.  (Colorways are arrangements of colors.)   Each pin is over 3 inches (8 cm) long end to end.
Trifari Floral Pin Brooch
Trifari Pin in Fall colors
I especially like the three colorways of this pattern that I own.  I look at them and see a spring, summer and fall execution of this design. 

I have occasionally bid on a "winter" version of this design - an all white rhinestone colorway, but I haven't managed to win the bid on Ebay; and truthfully, I have been avoiding Ebay, because it is too easy to spend too much money there, and too fast.  I spend less at rummage sales, and there are no shipping fees.   Trifari booches, at one pin for $10-$30 (or more), are not nearly as affordable as china plates for $1-$5 each.   Hence my newer hobby is collecting china.  :)

These booches were manufactured by the Trifari jewelry company, probably in the 1950's.  When I first was collecting costume jewelry I probably wouldn't have selected these pins, because they are so bright and flashy that they in no way pretend to be "real".  Now, though, I love them for the totally intense sparkle they give off.

I always find myself wishing the pictures could show you what I see when I look at them.  I work to get the colors right, but somehow the real pieces of jewelry are much more stunning then the pictures show.  Each pin is very dimensional - the two flowers are mounted over the foliage.   Maybe I will take some more photos to document them, but for now I think I will just send off this post. 

Click on any image to see it larger - the details sparkle!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Schumann Bavaria China

Schumann Bavaria Teacup and Saucer
Schumann Bavaria Teacup and Saucer

It's sometimes hard to pick a favorite...  But (currently) one of my favorite floral china patterns that I own is probably my Schumann Bavaria china set. I have pictures of this set in a previous post, but today I wanted to show you some close-ups so you can see why the set is special.

Schumann Bavaria Reticulated porcelain china 10 inch plate
Schumann Bavaria 10 inch Desert plate

I bought an entire set of this china at an estate sale; originally because I wanted the large 10 inch plate, which I believe is a desert "platter".  

Schumann Bavaria china plate Reticulated porcelain
Schumann Bavaria 10 inch plate


The floral paintings remind me of Victorian botanical prints, the flowers are lush and beautiful, and the colors are bright.  (OK, maybe I wouldn't have used quite so much purple and orange...)  I love the pierced (also called reticulated) rim of the plate, and how the flowers were painted on the solid part of the pierced lattice, which was cut to accommodate the shape of the painting.  (Reticulated means forming a net or network as in the veins of some leaves - I had to look that up).  Gold gilt painted swirls and scrolls were added, possibly by hand. This plate was lovingly designed and executed, not rushed through mass production shortcuts.   

Schumann Bavaria Teacup designs
Six different Teacup designs
Looking more closely at the teacups, I realized that there were six different flower designs on different teacups.  How cool is that?  :)  [OK, so I am easily amused.  But if I get to wax poetic about the ceramic pinch pots my children make and paint at school, can't I gush about this set of china?]  

Schumann Bavaria Teacup designs
Four different desert plate designs


The desert plates had multiple designs as well, four of them are pictured.   

Schumann Bavaria Teacup designs
Schumann Bavaria Sugar bowl


There is more to the set but I think I have spent enough of your time.  Click here to see the set displayed in my Welsh Dresser.
I hope you are enjoying your family and your summer!


Click on the images to see them enlarged.

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