Thursday, February 10, 2022

Valentine's Day Cards

Valentines Day Cards Anna Griffin
Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day!  Valentine's Day is an easy holiday to love, even without vacation days and special meals.  (Do cookies and deserts  count?)  Valentine's Day is especially favored if the colors pink and red make your heart sing; and if flowers, hearts and lace appeals to your soul like it does to mine.   

Valentines Day Cards Anna Griffin
Valentines Day Cards

A friend held a small Valentine's Day card making party/workshop at her house, sharing some of her supplies.  Together three people made a stack of cards.  Today I am sharing the cards I made on that fun creative day. 

Valentines Day Cards Anna Griffin
Six Valentines Day Cards

It surprised me how long the first cards took to make - there were so many beautiful materials that choices overwhelmed the mind.  (and sometimes I was literally only combining 2 or 3 elements to make one card!)  I think finishing the first card took over 1 hour, but it was also a time spent enjoying the beautiful papers and embellishments.  As we got into the swing of things, the following cards became easier and faster.  Creative design takes time even with/especially with tons of materials at hand, and the results were worth it.


Valentines Day Cards Anna Griffin
Valentines Day Cards

I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!  It's a fun time to  enjoy Valentine's posts.  Consider this post my virtual Valentine to you, and you just got 10 Valentines, if anyone asks...

Note:  The cards are made with mostly Anna Griffin papers and embellishments and some vintage lace.  I photographed the cards on a vintage tablecloth.

Click on the images to see them enlarged.

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