Tuesday, December 29, 2020

New York Christmas Memories

NYC Rockefeller Center Christmas tree New York
Rockefeller Center Christmas tree 2018 New York

2020 is winding down, and I sit at home after one of the quietest Christmas's in my life.  (Thanks, Pandemic.)  Since I traveled little this year, I'm sharing more photos from my 2018 New York City trip. I loved the Christmas decorations and window displays I saw.  It was the only time I had been to New York City in December.

New York Ornament Display
NYC Liholts Pooley Pool Ornament Display

The Liholts Pooley Pool / fountain on 6th Ave (Avenue of the Americas) gets decorated each December with oversized ornaments, and is located near the Radio City Music Hall. 

New York Christmas Ornament Fountain
New York Ornament Display near Radio City Music Hall

The 5+ story tree decoration up the side of Radio City changes colors, changing the reflections in the water as well.

New York City Light Display
New York City Light Display

Another light display near the Radio City Music Hall featured 3 blue Reindeer.  (Notice the Radio City Sign at the far right)

2018 NYC New York Saks Christmas Decoration
New York Saks building Christmas Display

One block East on 5th Avenue the Saks building has a beautiful multi-story light display.  The designers create a different castle "look" each year. 

2018 new york ny saks
New York Saks building and Angel

The lights and colors on Saks castle change quickly with a light and sound show coordinated to music...

2018 new york christmas display saks
2018 Saks Building and Angels

A line of Angels decorates a pedestrian corridor between the Saks building and the Rockefeller Center ice rink where the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree stands.  
(This shot was taken after a rain around 11:30pm, shortly before they turned off the lights on the Rockefeller Center tree to make people go away.  Photographers-be aware of the timing.)

NYC Rockefeller Christmas Tree and Angels
NYC Rockefeller Christmas Tree and Angels

This photo looks down the center of the pedestrian walkway towards the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.  

2018 New York Bergdorf Goodman Window Display
Rockefeller Center Christmas tree 2018 New York

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree above the ice Rink glows brighter than this photo shows, and the entire area seems filled with energy.

NYC Rockefeller Center Christmas tree New York
Rockefeller Center Christmas tree 2018 New York

The photo above of the top half of the tree is my best attempt to recreate the colors and impact of the actual tree.  (Yes, this shot is overexposed.)

NYC New York Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree day before Lighting

The evening before the Rockefeller Center Tree lighting ceremony I was able to take this photo over the ice rink, but I wasn't able to get this angle once the tree was lit.

2018 Anthropologie Christmas Window Display
Anthropologie Window Display

The nearby window displays where stunning as well.  The Anthropologie window display was just beautiful.  It used 3D paper craft to create a forest scene with birch trees, evergreens and forest animals. 

2018 Anthropologie Christmas Window Display
2018 Anthropologie Christmas Window Display

I loved the way the woodland animals and birds were drawn. 

2018 New York Bergdorf Goodman Window Display
Anthropologie Christmas Window Display Fox Den Details

The simple paper cutouts for the foliage were fantastically assembled.

2018 New York Bergdorf Goodman Window Display
Anthropologie Christmas Window Display Details

The paper artist in me was entranced by the simplicity and the impact of the designs.

2018 New York Bergdorf Goodman Window Display
Anthropologie Christmas Window Display Details

I hope to use the ideas I saw to inspire some of my creations.

2018 New York Bergdorf Goodman Window Display
cAnthropologie Christmas Window Display Details

Look at the beauty of the simple line art above and be inspired.

2018 FAO Schwartz Window Display
FAO Schwartz Window Display - JOY

A nearby FAO Schwartz window display sparkled with seasonal JOY.  Again, simplicity can be stunning.

new York Christmas Window Display
New York Christmas Window Display

Another Christmas Window display referenced the Chrysler Building's Art Deco lines.

Free Christmas Screen Wallpaper
Free Christmas Desktop Background Screen Wallpaper

Above is a free Christmas desktop Background / Wallpaper I made using the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.  Enjoy!

NY City Christmas Decorations Ornaments
New York City Liholts Pooley Pool Christmas Ornaments Display

One more view of the Liholts Pooley Pool Ornament Display.

Merry Christmas
and a
A Very Happy New Year !



(This is the 4th post in my series of Christmas Windows and Decorations in New York City from my 2018 NY trip.  See Part 1 here; Part 2 here; Part 3 here; and Part 4 here.)

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