Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bundled Up I Heart Faces No. 9

The photo challenge at I Heart Faces this week is "bundled up". Hundred of photographers will submit a photo showing someone bundled up. I expect many of this weeks entries will have babies and children in snow suits.

My entry is one for the teenagers! This is one of my 'babies' bundled up in a quilt after tubing on the Little Wolf Lake, Michigan, summer of 2009. It can get very cold in between turns in the water, so I bring the quilt along. (Towels get soaked pretty quickly, the quilt can really warm you up.) We were still on the boat, (not that you can see it!); probably a cousin or sibling is being dragged through the water at the highest speed the boat can muster. The glow on Anthony's face makes me smile still. If only our teenagers were always this happy.

The I Heart Faces challenge this week is "Bundled up".  (I was entry 23 of 705).

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Jan said...

What fun!!!

Heidi said...

Cute! Love the spin on "bundling up"

Leanna said...

I love this shot. Great idea.

Mrs. Bird said...

Great shot!

Alice said...

what a pretty quilt! and a handsome young man! (but i'm all about the quilts - lol!)

if you get a chance, you can check out my post :)

Lena said...

He looks like he had so much fun! Absolutely glowing! What a fantastic capture.

Anonymous said...

Nice take on the "bundled up" topic!