Friday, June 24, 2011

4th of July Hutch

Welsh Dresser China cabinet Hutch
4th of July China Display

I changed my hutch to a 4th of July display.  My Welsh Dresser is giving my lots of chances to finally figure out what sort of china I have stashed and hidden in the basement.  

(If I tuck my rummage sale finds in the corner of the basement where my husband won't end up tripping over them, then I can accumulate finds guilt free and have). I have been buying treasure for nearly a decade now...  ;) 


Welsh Dresser China cabinet Hutch
Bicentennial plate and Rabbit

The stars and stripes set of china in this display I found at the end of the day at a church or school rummage sale.  The "end of the day" at a church/school rummage sale is when china sets marked $20+ that haven't sold can get knocked down to $5-$10 for the set.  (I vaguely recall paying $8.)  

My family and I use this set around this time of year, so I kept 6 dinner plates out of the display for everyday use, and I was able to.   The pattern is 'Colonial' by Warren Kimble, Sakura from 1997.

Welsh Dresser China cabinet Hutch
Vintage stemware and Wedgwood teacup

The blue edged plates with gold stars pattern, (4 large plates in this display) is another rummage sale set I found.  The pattern, "Galaxy" is also by Sakura.  [I only realized that both sets are from Sakura just now as I am writing this blog post!]  This novelty set was sold by the Target store chain several years ago, and I now have seen the set in multiple rummage sales.  (I know Target sold the sets because I saw the ad for the sets in some old decorator magazines I have.)

The vintage stemware I bought for $1 a stem or less.  I purchased the clear stemware because of the gold rim - it really adds to the look, I think.

I am kind of loving mixing the new plates with the older antique plates, which are my real loves.  Writing out what each of the plates are would get boring, but I will mention one other plate - the crazy white one with red stripes cost me 49 cents at good will.  

Have a blessed 4th of July and enjoy your family!



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Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring and Summer Hutch

Schumann Bavaria China in Cabinet Welsh Dresser
Spring China Vignette

It's been a long time since I posted on this blog.  April and May were busy months, with birthday parties, a baptism, the children's school 'Spring break' (4 children not going to school for a week...), Easter and much more.  Now it's mid June, and the children are out of school, so I have time to blog on the PC - (I don't have to fight the children for the computer use...  ;) 

Spring China Display featuring Schumann Bavaria china

In March I changed my china in my Welsh dresser to an Easter / Spring display, and today I am going to share that.  (Even though it is now JUNE.  Our weather has been over 90 degrees recently, and so I want to publish this post so I can move on to summer posts.)  

Schumann Bavaria China cabinet Welsh Dresser
The hutch sits in a room that has only one window, and that window faces north.  The soft light makes the china glow nicely to the eye, but the camera doesn't see that.  Using a tripod and a long exposure works nicely at other times of the year, but not this March.  I didn't want to use on-camera flash, but I also didn't want to set up a more elaborate lighting scheme.  I want fast and simple blog photos.  Sigh... I guess I just want easy...  In the end, most of these photos use on-camera flash.  The photo to the left of the entire Welsh dresser has no flash.  

There is a large set of Schumann Bavaria china in this hutch arrangement, purchased recently at an estate sale.  In February 2011 I went to an antique show and saw some beautiful Schumann Bavaria  'hand-painted' plates with holes punched in the edges.  (People call plates with holes pierced or reticulated - Reticulated meaning forming a net or network as in the veins of some leaves).

Schumann Bavaria china sugar bowl
Schumann Bavaria sugar bowl

The price for one larger reticulated plate from the antique dealer was over $100 dollars.  Later, at an estate sale, I saw the desert set shown (one large plate, 10 reticulated cake plates, 10 teacups and saucers, sugar and creamer, tea and coffee pot, (one missing lid) for about that amount.  There was only one large plate in the set, but I also liked the rest of the set...  I could not resist.  Retail therapy is fun therapy.  I brought the set home and set up my Easter / Spring display.

The desert set of china that I bought, the "Schumann Bavaria" china, is NOT hand painted, as far as I can tell.  The plates at the antique sale I saw were labeled "hand painted", but even at the time I remember wondering - really?  In fact, the collector of china that I am, I remain confused about what qualifies as 'hand painted'.  Sometimes I think that a set is called 'hand painted' if the gilding or a couple of stokes are applied by hand. 

Hand painted china


The two plates above, and the trinket box (by Fitz and Floyd) in front of the plates are hand painted.  The vase with violets shown below is also hand painted. These hand-painted 'treasures' I found at various rummage sales.  

Otagiri Birds
Violets on china and Otagiri Birds

The baby chick salt and pepper shakers below were another funny find - I think the chicks are kind of homely, but they were under $1.00 so I bought them to give them a good home.  Don't you think the dots for their eyes should be a lot larger?

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shaker Easter Chicks
Baby Chicks salt and pepper shakers

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