Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Misty Morning

outdoor-wednesday-morning-glory-selep-imagingEarlier this autumn I took my camera and drove around on a misty morning, checking out some country roads and favorite spots in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

This fall has had many gray and rain filled mornings, and other days with a light fog or mist.

The photographs from misty days can be moody.
Lighting can change from minute to minute.


The still images seem moodier then when you are actually standing outside, feeling the slight breeze, the cold damp water, smelling the wet grass, and hearing the mist-muted sounds of nature. The images do capture the feeling of solitude.

outdoor-wednesday cedarburg-wisconsin selep-imaging

The images become more dramatic when it is actually raining.

outdoor-wednesday cedarburg-wisconsin selep-imaging

I am sometimes uncomfortable with my moody photographs - usually I like to have bright happy images that cheer the viewer. But I also like the memory of the quiet solitude.

I'd like to read your options on the various images - I know I will be searching out more misty days to photograph, because the results are intriguing.

outdoor-wednesday cedarburg-wisconsin selep-imagingI'll leave you with a photo from the same day that I find very uplifting.

There is something very incredible about the brilliant blue of morning glory flowers.

I found this plant with a golden field behind it.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creative Expressions Art Gallery

creative-expressions mequon-wisconsin outdoor-wednesday
This will be my most unique Outdoor Wednesday post yet!

September and October have been a fascinating time for me. My friend Minnie Bhupathi is opening "Creative Expressions", an art studio and gallery in Mequon, Wisconsin. The Grand Opening reception is Thursday, October 22, 2009. For the last months I got to have the unbelievable opportunity to watch, experience, and be the sounding board as a gallery and art instruction space got created "from scratch".

The amount of steps in starting a gallery is incredible. Ideas float in the mind - but footwork is involved in reviewing rental locations. I only got to hear highlights of rental contracts and negotiations (I can't say I really missed the many meetings with lawyers, accountants, and landlords that had to be done.) Permits and paperwork were handled. When Minnie showed me the space she had rented I was wowed - These ideas were concrete! (and asphalt! This rental space has plenty of parking...)

Then work on the space began. Scott Kostuch is a contractor extraordinaire. His job was to transform the space - floors, walls, ceiling, lighting, plumbing and more. He tackled the job with great skill. (Of course Scott didn't do all the work by himself. Scott even had his son help him when more power was needed.)
The ideas became more defining and refined. The space evolved.

Minnie got to shop, and shop, and shop. I got to tease Minnie - she had 187 cartons delivered from one store alone. Not 187 items, 187 boxes. I got to unpack a couple, but Scott got to unpack many more! Paint colors - even white can be so time consuming. [Question: How many white paints are there?] Costco and other stores had four hour shopping trips. Opening this gallery should be great for both the local and national economy.

I got to be the "fly on the wall" while she met with artists to teach the art classes and display in the first gallery show. (I hope I was never a bug, I know I wasn't always invisible). Scott came in one Saturday to install a portion of the floor for Minnie. She was meeting artists at the gallery and wanted them to see the space - but to see it with a sample of the floor installed, not the concrete.

Minnie created fliers and postcards, contracts and more. She had hundreds of e-mails and phone calls to artists and other contacts. I got to help edit a contract or two, but Minnie had to research, write, find and create every document needed (or direct it's creation). She directed the creation of not one but two web sites that w
ere started, changed, and evolved. She had to set up phone lines, Internet, fax machines, copiers, (OK, her husband helped, a lot, but still.) She researched inventory systems and computer systems for sales, got them installed, set up, and running.

Minnie and her husband have an expression something like 'We don't want any paralysis by analysis.' But it seems more like a magic tornado blew through and got things done. There were many details that each took more steps then there are hours in a day. (ex. signage for outside, gallery hanging systems, publicity)

Then the art streamed in (via individual meetings with each artist, and deliveries). I got to hang one of my pieces as the first artwork on the wall. (Thank You Minnie!) Minnie (and her husband) tackled the task of hanging, labeling, and inventorying each piece of artwork. She found a retired museum curator to help her determine ideas for hanging the art. I know the amount of angst I have in hanging artwork on my walls at home, imagine hanging more than 50 pieces.

The last several months I got to see the behind the scenes of a dream fantasy of many artsy types. And now I get to share it with you. Those in Wisconsin can attend the opening. Those farther away - I'll be sure to have photos.

The Grand Opening is on :
Thursday night, October 22, 2009.

5:00-9:00 PM

Creative Expressions

11412 N. Port Washington Road

Mequon, Wisconsin.

(One stoplight North of the Mequon and Port Washington Road intersection)

After the opening, the gallery will be open Tuesdays - Saturdays, 11 AM to 6 PM.
Please stop in.

For those who would like to see some of the art and artists that will be featured in the gallery, visit http://creativeexpressionsart.com and Click on artists. All art displayed will be available for purchase through the website.

For those who would like to take an art class at Creative Expressions, visit http://creativeexpressionsart.com Click on Events, Classes.
More classes will be listed soon, check back!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garden Horses

vintage garden playground horses sculpture
I am 'recyling' an older blog post, to post in some of my favorite vintage memes.  So here is the original post:

It's fun to share treasure - That's the idea behind Show and Tell Fridays. On Show and Tell Fridays, participating bloggers "show" something special that they own and have in their home or garden.

My Show and Tell item was one of my two top finds in 2008 - and the treasure was free!
vintage carousel horse playground equipment
In October of 2008, I drove past these two carousel horse statues sitting by a curb. These are probably 1950's era playground structures made of solid concrete with a solid concrete base. They were at the curb outside of a business building. Free to a good home, they were available for the hauling. Easier said then done, so I got to take them home with a fair amount of help!

I like to imaging that my horses gallop around the backyard when I am not looking, in the grass and snow. They make me smile, they are whimsical. Guests either love them, want to paint them, or roll eyes at Carl and ask where I got them. (So... did you actually PAY any money for them? they want to ask.) Some kids want photos taken on them. My bemused husband doesn't get it, but he did help me move it. (Thanks honey!)

Originally, I planned to mosaic one of them, but now I think that might hide their chubby lines, which I have grown fond of. I do want to paint the one that was partially painted - finish the job better. In the meanwhile, I let them be.

This final photo shows one of the reasons I like them so much. When the snow is not around in winter, they are the prettiest things in my back yard while I wait for spring. They aren't quite the lines of the carousel horses I admire on merry-go-rounds and carousels, but they grow on you when the ground is gray brown.

This is the first time I am participating in the meme "Show and Tell".  For more show and tell items, visit http://romantichome.blogspot.com

Update:  They are covered in snow today in Wisconsin!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autumn Card Designs

Here are four of my favorite fall images. I have even made them into notes cards that I sell in my on-line etsy shop www.jselep.etsy.com

This is a collage of maple leaves with a brilliant summac leaf over it.
jeanne-selep-imaging autumn summac card

A favorite jack-b-little pumpkin -
jeanne-selep-imaging jack-b-little pumpkin card

Orange Jack-B-Little pumpkins...
jeanne-selep-imaging jack-b-little pumpkin card

and a dewy fallen maple leaf.
jeanne-selep-imaging maple leaf card

Click here to view this card set for sale on Etsy. Each card is also available for individual sale.

jeanne-selep-imaging autumn card package

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

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