Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kaleidoscopes from Orchids

Kaleidoscopes have fascinated me since I was a child using one of those cardboard tubes with a panel of broken stained glass bits.  Now I create them in my computer.

Orchid Kaleidoscope OR01 by Jeanne Selep
Orchid Kaleidoscope OR01
Orchids 01 by Jeanne Selep
Orchid 01

I created the Kaleidoscope images in this post from photos of orchids, some of which I shared in this post on the 2020 Orchid show at the Chicago Botanic Garden.


For example, Orchid 01 was used to create the Kaleidoscope Image OR01 above.

Kaleidoscope OR02 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR02

Orchid 11 at the Chicago Botanic Garden by Jeanne Selep
Orchid Image 11

March 22, 2020 would have been the last day of the CBG's Orchid show, which closed early in March due to Covid19. 

(Orchid Image 11 was used for Kaleidoscope OR02 below)

I wanted to go back to the Orchid show on March 14, 2020, when the Illinois Orchid Society planned on hosting a show in addition to the CBG's Orchid display. Covid19 canceled that event as well.

Kaleidoscope OR03 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR03
I have been to the IOS show in the past and it's a beautiful addition to CBG's orchid show... I missed your flowers, IOS!

Kaleidoscope OR04 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR04
After creating Kaleidoscopes from my orchid photos, I had ideas for additional photos to take so I could create better kaleidoscopes.

Kaleidoscope OR05 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR05
Those ideas have to wait now. (I wanted more close-up photos, and to have photos with more details, more contrast, and stronger lines at the edge of petals.)
Kaleidoscope OR06 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR06
I'm sure we will never know how many great activities and events were canceled and closed due to the coronavirus, how many trips have been canceled or postponed.

Kaleidoscope OR07 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR07
It's crazy how much my world has changed in just my last week, and how long ago last weekend seems.

Kaleidoscope OR08 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR08
Last weekend, (March 14-15) two of my children were studying at their colleges...

Kaleidoscope OR09 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR09
and now both of them are back home with me after  quick unplanned whirlwind moves home on Monday March 16.

Kaleidoscope OR10 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR10
I still need to tackle the laundry they brought home and where everything will be stored and arranged back in the house. 

Kaleidoscope OR11 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR11
I can't see very far into the future either, whether planned jobs and summer weddings will proceed as scheduled or not. 

Kaleidoscope OR12 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR12
I'm using extra time I have to create artwork.

Kaleidoscope OR13 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR13
I hope many people (my young adults included) will use their extra time to execute ideas and projects they have talked about doing. 

Perhaps we will see an outpouring of creative effort from many people. Art, programs, writings, crafts, music... 

Kaleidoscope OR14 by Jeanne Selep
Kaleidoscope Image OR14

Alternately, I'll be happy if everyone can just stay healthy and sane.

Good Luck to all 
in these confusing times!

Click on the images to see them enlarged. (Yes, you can see these images even larger!) The best way to see the images in their largest format is to (on a windows system) right click on the image and select "open in new tab" from the option box that opens. This bypasses software that limits the size of the image opened. On the newly opened image, click on the image again to see it zoomed maximum.


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