Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Christmas Hutch

I've decorated the China Hutch with Christmas china!   

The Christmas holiday season always seems to fly by fast, making a quick seasonal change in my hutch a blessing. 

Selep Christmas china cabinet hutch
Image 1: Christmas Arrangement in Welsh Dresser Hutch

Arranging my "new-to-me" Christmas Portmeirion china in the hutch made the switch from fall to Christmas go quickly. 

Selep Christmas china cabinet hutch
Image 2: Christmas China Hutch Detail

The china pattern is Portmeirion's "The Holly and the Ivy" pattern, made in Britain.  (That's different than just England, right? I'm guessing that maybe it's manufactured in Ireland or Scotland)

Selep Christmas china cabinet hutch
Image 4: Christmas China Hutch Detail with Birds

I added vintage red glasses and accessories, some vintage stemware with gold trim, and my two favorite little birds, and the hutch arrangement was done!  (I have since found out that the vintage ruby red water goblets and the red footed "boat" bowl are the Moon and Stars pattern from L.E. Smith Glass.)

Selep Christmas china cabinet hutch
Image 5: Portmeirion Platter and Ruby Moon and Stars footed bowl

I purchased the china set at an estate sale.  A post Christmas sale in snowy weather yielded the china with tons of accessories priced to sell.  On the last day the markdown price was great, and I bought the entire set for around $100.
Selep Christmas china cabinet hutch
Image 3: Portmeirion Christmas China Hutch Arrangement

Sometimes I think about the previous owner lovingly collecting this Portmeirion set piece by piece.  She may have been a fantastic hostess.  I aspire to become a better at entertaining, and maybe this set will help.  In an unusual twist, I actually use this china for dining.  (Many dishes I own are for display only.)  

Selep Christmas china cabinet hutch
Image 7: Christmas China Hutch Arrangement

I can only hope that setting up and decorating the Christmas tree will go as fast.  Enjoy the oncoming Christmas season!

Oh, it's fun to share posts with viewers on-line!  The work of collecting and displaying a collection is shared with dozens, hopefully some of which enjoy the post, whereas family members barely notice or register that a change has been made to their surroundings.  Really, 2-3 comments on-line can surpass all the accolades from the family - So leave a comment if you have time, but either way, thank you for visiting and ... 

Enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season!

Click on the images to see them enlarged.

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Below are two earlier Christmas hutch arrangements. 
Christmas china hutch display
Welsh dresser with Christmas arrangement

Christmas china hutch display
My earliest Welsh dresser Christmas arrangement!

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Anonymous said...

Have a great Holiday Season!

Anonymous said...

The China is beautiful. I have not seen it before. And you have arranged it, beautifully. I know you'll enjoy it. I hope you'll show us your table-scaped version of it soon. Merry Christmas.

Joanne said...

That is just lovely!

Patty said...

Your new Christmas dishes are beautiful. The way you have them arranged in the hutch is gorgeous!! I'm glad you are using these dishes, and I can't wait to see them arranged on your table. I also loved your other hutch arrangements, the one with the red and green glass and this one, are my favorites! - patty

Bill said...

Very nice! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The beach scene is from the northern Oregon Coast.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection. A hutch and buffet hold an amazing amount of dishes. Mine is smaller and I missed out on a matching buffet for about $30 because I went home think about it.

Anonymous said...

Your dishes are wonderful. I loved the addition of the red Moon and Stars glass--I have a collection of turquoise started in '73 by a wedding gift. I'd love to collect all of the colors, but space forbids it. Kathy A

Babajeza said...

Beautiful china. Have a lovely Holiday season! Regula

Jeanne said...

Thanks for identifying the red glasses!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Your hutch is gorgeous. Love your prized china, so beautiful and festive. I am happy to feature your Christmas hutch at Love Your Creativity. Happy holidays.

Michelle said...

I also have a Welsh Dresser and I love how you have styled yours. The china is lovely. Thank you for linking up.

Veronica Lee said...

I absolutely love your Christmas hutch, Jeanne.
So festive and beautiful!

Happy Wednesday!

Mami Made It said...

What a bargain! The china is beautiful.

Allyson @ Southern Sunflowers said...

What a gorgeous set of china and it's so pretty displayed in your hutch! I'll be featuring you at the tonight's #HomeMattersParty. Hope to see you drop by!

Sandra @ Dinner at Eight said...

Your hutch display is pretty and impactful. The design of the china is eye-catching and the symmetrical placement with differing heights weaves a lovely pattern across and up-and-down the hutch. Lovely! (And I get your comment regarding family not realizing something has changed LOL.)

Violetta said...

Very nice post. Have a good christmas time.
All the best
Thanks for visiting my blog