Saturday, January 23, 2021

Valentine Mosaic Ball

Valentine Mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Ball: View 1

I have a collection of bowling balls.  How many people can say that? 

Mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Ball: View 2

I don't even bowl.  My collection of bowling balls are picassiette mosaic covered art objects.
(Picassiette, or the French "pique assiette", are mosaics made with broken bits of china.) 

Mosaic bowling ball details
Mosaic Ball: Detail showing five red and white patterns

The colors for this mosaic ball were going to be black and white and red all over.  (There are so many jokes that start that way...)  But, alas, my red and white dishes "read" as pink.  (That means the visual effect of the red and white appears pink from a distance instead of red)

mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Bowling Ball and Bird Bath Base in Garden

When it became apparent that the red would not be prominent, I decided to embrace the pink effect and intentionally mix in pink.

Mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Ball Detail: Two styles of Pink and White china was used

I was able to use two contemporary orphaned pink dishes I loved.

Mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Ball: View 3

The six black and white patterned dishes used in making this ball came from contemporary china found in resale shops.
I was wondering why most black and white china is contemporary.  Older vintage and antique china embraced color more.  Perhaps our ancestors valued the bits of color during the long white and gray winters. 

Mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Ball: View 4

Today, people see so many colors everywhere - in print and on-screen viewing, in fabrics and objects.  My ancestors, and many historical cultures had a lot less color in their world, especially in harsh winter months in Northern climates.  (We can't all be descendants of tropical people, or those that had colorful silks and dyes.)  In long snowy winters, whites, grays, browns and blue (skies) would have predominated.

Valentine Mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Ball: View 5

I attended an art lecture where the speaker noted that black and white and gray were calming to city collectors in places like New York City, where the noise of the urban environment made people want to come home to neutral spaces.  Maybe that is why styles changed to include more black and white, vs. the colorful china in the past.

mosaic bowling ball
Mosaic Bowling Ball and Bird Bath Base in Garden

Some notes: The birdbath base (above) is one of my earliest large projects, made more than a decade ago.  It was sealed and has been outside since then, holding up surprisingly well. 

I mentioned in this note here that I like to learn from my projects. Here is my tip from this project: DON'T use the concave and convex bends in china, or the thick sections from the bottom. I made a mosaic tip graphic below. It doesn't look as sleek as I would like, but it took a lot of time and at least my "mosaic tip" is done!

mosaic tip

Click on the images to see them enlarged.

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Sylvia said...

Jeanne, Great mosaic ball! It is best to go with the flow and pink is good. Thanks for sharing and had a great week. Sylvia D.

Lirtea said...

Quedan muy bonitas.

Villrose said...

This really is nice in the The birdbath!
Have a great week!

NCSue said...

That's one of a kind!
Thanks so much for sharing at

Veronica Lee said...

WOW! Such stunning artwork! Love it!

Happy Tuesday!

Photo Cache said...

That is so cool.

Worth a Thousand words

Sum of their Stories said...

This is really beautiful.

Anita Holland said...

Wow, this is really awesome. And you have done so many great ones in the past too. Well done.

Tanza Erlambang said...

great work

Lady of the Manor said...

These are amazing! (first time visitor) I love the re-use of beautiful dishes in a new way. The tip section is terrific, too!

Junie-Jesh said...

My goodness, you have quite a collection! They are all beautiful and tastefully done! I have only one mosaic piece , a name plate, done from shells, seeds and jewelry pieces. What a lovely post to share with All Seasons!
About your question: I often prepare All Seasons ahead of time, and the week before the Inauguration rumors were flying around about the strong possibility of a blackout. So, prepared for that, and left it, in case it would happen. Have no idea if this is common for Texas, since we only moved her half a year ago.
Have a great week, Jesh

creativejewishmom/sara said...

Love it, thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, great to see you!

betty-NZ said...

That is a beautiful work of art!! I love it.

It's so great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Ann said...

Beautiful! And I see nothing wrong with having a collection of bowling balls. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

Coastal Bohemian said...

So funky. Love the color combo.

April Harris said...

What wonderful projects you have done, and I really like this one in particular. I have never tried making mosaics but I'm feeling very inspired. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Have a lovely week ahead!

My thrift store addiction said...

How pretty! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

Rebecca of Zucchini Sisters said...

This is beautiful, Jeanne! What a great way to use broken china. I like it better than gazing balls for the garden. Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story! Link Party. You've been featured this week :)

Shelbee on the Edge said...

I absolutely adore your mosaic bowling balls! And the fact that you have a collection of them is so wonderful. The bird bath is beautiful and I really like the colors on the ball. I really enjoyed learning that interesting bit about the regional and generational differences in color choices for dinner wear, but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


Kristie from Love My Little Cottage said...

Your post is featured on Little Cottage Link Party #89! I hope you can drop by.

luckys said...

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Alexandra EyeLoveKnots said...

What a beautiful little ball! And so full of life from all the different plates that were used.