Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Grayscale and Color Screen Test

Getting your photos to glow with the colors you want isn't always easy, especially when different screens, monitors, TV's and phones can display the exact same image with different color casts.  

Color Strip and Gray Scale by Jeanne Selep

The image above has three horizontal stripes.  The top two stripes have 15 different shades of gray between pure black and pure white, one running left to right, the other running right to left.  The bottom stripe has Pure Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White. 

If your monitor doesn't distinguish between the shades of gray, or has a color cast to the colors, you may want to try and adjust your screen's setting to achieve better color. In either case, you have an image you can compare on multiple screens, which is the reason I created this post.

I have found many screen display the dark grays as black.  If too many of the dark grays are displaying black, you are loosing details in the shadows.  

Just for fun, compare your phone to your PC monitor!


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