Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goals for March

One of the products in my shop.

Well, I have now had an Etsy shop for 2 months, and my son Anthony commented, Mom you sure do spend a lot of time on the internet now.
Since I have a shop, I have to check for sales everyday. (OK, sometimes I check more often.) It is always fun to see a sale. My daughter gets almost as excited as me.
I have been trying to add products to my store. An Etsy (Etsian) expert suggested I list an item everyday, so starting around Feb 15, 2009, I had made that my goal. I missed a day or 2 in Feb, but now for March I am making it a goal to add an item a day, at least 90% of the time. (This is an example of a measurable goal :)
I found Etsy treasuries, places where Etsy users can create or "curate" "exhibits" or goups of items from whatever artists they want to. I have already been "Featured" in two treasuries, created by people I didn't know but who found and liked my products.
And I found Etsy chat rooms, where I have spent a little bit too much time. ;) There you get to see a variety of products produced by the 20 or so people in the room, and "listen" to their type written conversations going on all at once. I'm still learning the ropes of the chat rooms, but it is a fun way to burn up time. (OPPS!)
Another goal I have decided on is at least two blog entries a month, for the rest of 2009. This blog entry is probably a little lame, but I hope future ones will be more inspirational. I think it is good for me to write down my goals, it seems to make me try harder to accomplish them.
Good Bye for now!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

All that Pizzazz is now selling my cards

All That Pizzazz! is now carrying over 50 of my cards for sale. Located at W63 N698 Washington Ave. in historic downtown Cedarburg, WI, All That Pizzazz is committed to promoting and supporting Made in America products and other handmade works. The store is bursting with whimsical and beautiful glassware, ceramics & pottery, and unique home decor items you don't see everywhere else.

I hope you will stop in to see my cards if you are in the area. I am very excited that I have cards for sale in stores like All that Pizzazz and Elliot's Partyland. I change out the seasonal ones, (Both stores carried some of my valentine designs). After Valentines Day, I remove the unsold cards and replace them with different designs.

Of course, I have these designs and more for sale at . Meanwhile, it is snowing here in Wisconsin. AGAIN! So here is a final image of spring I want to leave you with - Spring Will Come!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etsy Store Update

Here is just a quick update: On my Etsy store,, I now have over 70 products for sale. (I added the 70th today!) I have had 8 sales, to great friends and 3 to people I have never met. I've even had a sale to Canada. It's fun to see what people like, and I have to admit I check to see if I had a sale each day. It's silly how much of a kick I get out of a sale of a card - But it's like a validation of my design and photography...

I've been having too much fun making valentines cards. I have to start focusing on birthday cards. Birthday cards have no deadline. I am still thinking of new valentine's cards (for next year, I say) I want to make. There are only 9 days left to Valentine's day! This photo with a friend's puppy is the last valentine's card I'm going to make for the year, and was one of the ones I posted on my etsy site today.