Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Cards released!

Back on January 15 I was trying to design and create some Valentine's Day Cards. Then the children were off Thursday Jan 15, Friday Jan 16, Monday Jan 19, and and Friday 23. (I don't get much work done when the kids are home, go figure.) I also had a lot of other (real life) work to cram into the remaining days. This did result in a delay in my progress.

Eventually I created the original designs, photographed them, improved them, photographed them, printed the photos, assembled them as cards (finished product) , photographed the finished product looking like a card, and then repeated the process with more designs. It's a lot of work for a $3.50 card but I had fun doing it. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.

I took the finished product to Elliot's Partyland on Port Washington Road in Mequon, WI, and they bought 6 of the designs! They are trying them out, since mine are handcrafted by a local artist, they are different then the commercial cards they normally carry. Some of the cards (3 different designs) already sold!

Elliot's Partyland selected a representative variety of the cards, so the ones pictured here are the designs being sold at Elliot's. I have these designs and more for sale at , and at Studio 6, next to Tomaso's Pizza in Cedarburg.

I hope you enjoy the cards, and remember loved ones and relatives - Make them smile by sending a card today!

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NotSoShabbyChic said...

"It's a lot of work for a $3.50 card but I had fun doing it."

Yup, I agree. The amount I am charging for my stuff is ridiculous considering the amount of time I put into it, but oh well. For me, the $ is not the main point of it all (although it is nice) -- it is the joy of creation and sharing it with others which is so important to me. It feels so great to have someone else (especially an unbiased stranger) really appreciate something that I've made.

And your stuff is GORGEOUS, so I think you're going to do REALLY well. Keep it up!!! :)