Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunflowers in April?

One of the unexpected benefits of having an on-line store is that I am now proceeding with long ignored projects just because I have the store.

Here is an Example. In August 2007 I took over 200 photos in a field of sunflowers. Those digital photos were downloaded to my PC, where there they sat. Now that I have my store, I finally reviewed the sunflower photos, selected my favorites, and have printed out the best shots for products in my store.

Having my store gave me a reason to sort through photos in April 2009 that I had never printed or shown my family since taken in 2007.

The 1st time I took photos in the field I got permission from the farmer, took a ladder into the field and shot photos by myself for almost 2 hours. That weekend I went back a second time with my family and took some pictures I thought I might use for the 2007 Christmas card. We ended up using photos from Washinton DC for the 2007 Christmas card, but this picture was one of the options I decided not to use.

Click on the images to see them larger. 

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trudette, said...

You have a beautiful Blog , I will be following you from now on .

NotSoShabbyChic said...

How wonderful!!! I have had a couple of similar experiences:

1) Now when I take photos of things/events/people, I not only upload them to my pc the same day, but I also quickly edit them and then even SHARE them with people!!! Imagine that!!! lol

2) I have become much less of a procrastinator since running my little shop. I have deadlines that I have to meet for orders, and this has actually started to carry over into the rest of my life! I used to start a million things but never finish any of them. Now I start a million things and actually finish about half of them!!! lol

Savon Shoppe (Alchemy Diva) said...

Beautiful pictures and blog.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

An excellent point! Love those sunflower photos!!Hard to fing time to do it all!

cabin + cub said...

Beautiful photos! I love seeing the sunflowers, makes my day bight and cheery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you so much for all the kind words and comments. I'm about to meet a client, but I wanted to take a minute to say hello. It's always nice to meet other fellow photographers. I love them sunflower images above. I will have to poke around your blog when I get back home and have more time.