Sunday, September 25, 2011

Batik Star Quilt

Quilt Batik scrap quilt by Jeanne Selep Imaging
Batik Quilt Top
Today I am sharing a scrap quilt top I made with batik fabric I have collected over the years.  I finished this quilt top more then a year ago.  One of my goals for 2011 (with 2012 as a fall-back) is to actually put a back on this top and quilt it.  Quilting the quilt tops, and binding the quilt together is something I am not good at, and actually dread.  I try hard to piece really well, get seams to line-up, and then when I quilt it - Ugh!  everything goes down badly and there are puckers and messes everywhere.

The quilt top has a pieced sash framing squares of batik fabric.  The intersections of the sash form white stars.  If you squint your eyes a little bit, you can see four darker diamond stars in the pattern.  I put them there on purpose - since I have four children I decided there was one diamond for each of them.
batik fabric quilt detail
Closeup of Quilt top - can you see 4 dark diamonds?
Although this is not a new quilt pattern, I don't know the pattern's actual name.  When a similar star sash frames a log cabin quilt, I believe the name of the pattern would be a "Colorado Log Cabin".  I didn't include the log cabin blocks, I just wanted to frame and highlight the beautiful batik squares.

In Mar 2011 I shared another batik scrap quilt top I made, this is a different top, although both quilts share many of the same batik fabrics.

The star quilt's dimensions are approximately 36 by 48 inches. By the way, I am joining thrifty and vintage parties with my quilt becuase quilts were originally thrifty, and I consider quilts a vintage art form, or at least vintage inspired.

Click on the images to see them enlarged. 

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