Sunday, June 27, 2010


Summerfest Big Bang Fireworks Milwaukee Selep Imaging

I've been to two sets of fireworks so far in June - and we haven't even hit the 4th of July!  These fireworks are from Summerfest's Big Bang fireworks display on the Milwaukee Lakefront.   

Milwaukee Discovery World Museum at night with Fireworks Selep Imaging

I took my photos from a spot near Milwaukee's Discovery World Museum, the cool looking building on the right.  It's a great place to catch reflections in the water.  A TV crew from channel 12 also had a camera nearby, which is why there is a "12" projected onto the museum.

For years now I've enjoyed photographing fireworks, playing with settings and techniques and exposures.  Photographing fireworks is so much more rewarding using a digital camera then when I did this with film.  My biggest hint : use a tripod...

Other then trial and error, does anyone have hints on finding the best spots to take firework photos?
Click on the images to see them enlarged.

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