Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May is here.

vintage May banner woodcut engraving
It seems that I spent much of April waiting for spring, and now spring is racing past at a fast rate. Tulips are in bloom, and once again I didn't get to the Chicago Botanical Garden in spring. (Maybe for Mother's Day? Working on it...)

May is always a busy month, and it seems that May is arriving earlier and earlier each year.

On Wed April 29 I spent 1/2 day of volunteering at my children's Middle School ("Community Day"), then went to Church to help set up the Church Rummage Sale. real robins eggs in robin nest 

On Thursday April 30, I pinched my pinkie finger entirely through the nail, went to the Dr's office for shots and bandages... OUCH. Then I painfully entered new artworks into the Cedarburg Artist Guild's Main Street Gallery. Then, despite my husband's medical advice, that afternoon I had a booth at an art sale at a place called Le Club. (4:30-9:30 PM)

On Friday May 1st I chaperoned 7th graders at an all day field trip to the Titanic Exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Art Museum, followed by a long nap.

On Saturday May 2nd I worked 8:00 AM -3:00 PM helping out at the Crossroads Rummage Sale, then went to my niece's 1st communion service and party.

On Sunday, May 3rd - recovery from the previous week, and unpacking from the Thursday craft show. (the children unpacked from the church rummage sale, Kinex toys everywhere!)

On Monday, May 4th - More unpacking from the Thursday craft show. (But the deposit of the money from the sales is still not made...) And after school shopping for outdoor gear for my Grand Canyon Raft trip, Starting May 19! Wish me luck.

Oh, and there was a lot more running around in there. I do have children with lots of activities...
I did two art shows in the closing week of April, and I am glad now that my art show vending season is over for awhile. I've learned a lot that I hope to share someday, but for now I am just trying to dig myself out of the mess my house became while I was preparing for the shows.
I have two more 2009 art shows I am hoping to participate in - AFTER September!!! Spring and Summer will be for creating, on-line sales and my consignment and card sales. So I say today.
The rest of May now is prep for vacation and travel - Grand Canyon rafting here I come!
The robin's nest photo above is from this May, and will be available in my on-line store shortly. The nest now has 5 eggs. (In composition, odd numbers are usually better, but I haven't gotten a photo with 5 eggs yet.) I am praying that the nest remains safe and hidden and that I get photos of the babies - in about 12 days... I hope they hatch before my trip.
The banner is another find from The Cottage Hearth.
A blog I read had an interesting blog on birds and featured one of my photos. You may enjoy checking it out here. Good bye for now, and go CREATE!

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I'm Julia said...

Such a pretty shot of the little blue eggs. And the flowers, what a dreamy shot!