Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Heart Face No. 7

My daughter was wondering - What's an outtake?

Well, honey, it's when a photograph doesn't turn out as the photographer hoped for or wanted when they were trying to get the picture they envisioned. Sometimes they end up with something else; and sometimes that something else is pretty funny. Here, I wanted to document my beautiful young family, on our once in a generation vacation to Washington DC, with the capital in the background lit by the sun, gleaming in the distance with the green lawn in front. What I captured instead was the real life memories - squinty eyes and non-cooperation from some in the family as they made the several mile long walk back to the car after a long day of touring. We would only pass this way once, the shot was now or skip it, and a photojournalistic moment was captured.

(Note: After finding out I could have more then one photo, I added the Washington DC photograph.) The I Heart Faces challenge is featuring photos of hilarious outtakes this week.

Covered Bridge in Winter

winter Covered Bridge in snow Cedarburg Wisconsin by Jeanne Selep
Covered Bridge, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, View from the North
One of my favorite spots in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA is the covered bridge.

winter Covered Bridge in snow Cedarburg Wisconsin by Selep Imaging
Covered Bridge, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, View from the South
It is beautiful in all of the seasons, especially in a fresh snowfall.
This is the second time I am participating in Scenic Sunday.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Washington D.C. - Outdoor Wednesday

USA Capital and Fountain 2009It has been I while since I posted a photo for Outdoor Wednesday.

While I am waiting for great weather in Wisconsin again, I thought I would post this different view of the US Capitol in Washington DC. It is from a trip to Washington in September, 2009. There are so many different views of the capitol if you have the time to walk around it. I hadn't known this fountain and landscaped area was there before I stumbled across it.

This is the 20th time I have participated in Outdoor Wednesday!

Outdoor Wednesday link:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hands Photo

Selep Imaging portrait of hands

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I linking this photo to Shutter Love Tuesday.

(I was entry 64)