Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Decorating Book Happiness

Some people speculate that books will be replaced by e-books over time.  That may be the case for some people, and some types of books.  For me, though, there will always be a place in a book collector's heart for the beautiful coffee-table books that are being printed in the USA, Japan, Italy and other places around the world.  My experience with a these wonderful books can't be reproduced by looking at images on a screen.  

Sea shells

So my great purchase at a recent estate sale of ALL of the books above fills my heart with great joy.  Because 
a) I love books, and 
b) I love bargains.  

(A great bargain can give me quite a rush, can anyone relate?)    

I stopped at a 3 day estate sale toward the end of the 1st day and found these and many other books for sale.  (Mostly decorating books - sigh...)  I don't need more books, so I leisurely went through nearly all of the books, and picked out my 10 favorites. I bought 10 books for under $5 each.  The seller encouraged me to come back the next day for the 1/2 price sale.  Well, it may be obvious that I did.  I bought more then 30 books the next day.    

I do spend and enjoy hours on Pinterest, but the experience of a beautiful book is altogether different.  Listening to the radio is wonderful, but an awesome concert is also a great experience.  I will enjoy leisurely going through a book or two a week for many months to come.

Click on the image to see them larger. 

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