Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Art Fair Experience

I had a wonderful time at the Alliance Bible Church's women's retreat this past weekend in Brown Deer Wisconsin. It was spiritually uplifting and relaxing, and the company and the food was great. The guest speaker Elizabeth Murphy was inspirational. There is nothing like uninterrupted bible study with knowledgeable historical facts and clear interpretations to make you enjoy familiar bible passages. (Uninterrupted for me is more then 5 minutes!)

My booth and two of my children checking it out
The retreat had a mini mart where I was selling products, and the whole set-up, art fair experience and take down went more smoothly then I could have hoped for. I can plan, coordinate, setup, sell and take down a really nice looking booth, if I say so myself! A good friend Gretchen happened to be able to help me set-up, and Jean, a friend I've known for a decade plus, attended the retreat and helped me pack up. (Thank You if you ever read this!)
I think I was the only vendor who attended the retreat. (well, why not?) I am not sure I have figured out how you manage a all day long sale where you can't leave the booth and might have to worry about breaks and food details - but that adventure is for another day. At this retreat, sales were in small blocks of time, and I could take breaks, eat lunch, attend sessions and small group discussions and never worry about leaving my booth unattended.
Many people want to know how sales were. My husband asked about sales when I got home. Sales happened : True! I made more then I expected : Not. I won't quit my day job - wait, I really don't exactly have one... I am self employed... This is my job?

My 4 children and Carl, and me in the middle.
The weather was continuous cold rain outside with gray skies all over. The economy is what it is. I was happy with the feedback and sales I made. It is so encouraging to see people who don't know you enjoying the art you have created. Not to forget the wonderful retreat experience. I would happily do many such events on the weekend. (Eventually my husband might catch on that the children's college fund isn't growing, and he is stuck running the children to birthday parties and whatnot :)
So, I look forward to future opportunities to sell my art, but in the meanwhile, I have a wonderful first art fair/mini mart experience.


Barbara Lil Dab Designs said...

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esque said...

I'm glad your first fair experience went well! You have a really great set up, for sure! And what a lovely family you have!


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

What a wonderful family. I enjoy reading your blog and want to thank you for the lovely cooments you gave on my blog. Thanks

NotSoShabbyChic said...

WOW!!! Your set-up looks like it was GREAT!! Good job!

"It is so encouraging to see people who don't know you enjoying the art you have created." How true this is! The biggest high I get from doing this stuff is when someone buys something that I have created... to know that an unbiased, complete stranger likes your stuff so much that they would actually spend money on it is an AMAZING feeling to say the least!! Keep up the great work! :)

EverImprovingMe said...

I have been debating going to a fair lately.. i am a bit afraid of them. I guess sometimes the unknown is a bit crippling for me. I get so afraid that I end up not doing what I want. I am glad your first one went so well!

nomadcraftsetc said...

Sound so cool! You look and sound like you had a blast! Great blog and I love your photography!

Jeanne Selep said...

Thank you for the comments!