Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adding a mini Etsy on your blog

I finally learned how to add a mini Etsy to blogspot.
You can see it on the right side below my profile,

and click on it to go to my on-line stop.

The rest of this blog is a brief how-to for Etsy people:
Go to Etsy. Sign in. Go to my Etsy.
(This would actually be your Etsy, don't hack into MY Etsy. :)
In the lower left corner click on mini Etsy.
Select your configuration of columns and rows.
I used 2 columns by x 75 pixel thumbnails.
(You might have to click a submit button here...)
The code is generated for you to copy.
Select the code, copy it.
Go to your blog.
Sign in.
Go to Customize.
Select the Page Elements tab.
Click Add a gadget.
Select HTML/Javascript
A dialog box appears:
My on-line shop is the title I used.
Paste the content you copied from Etsy into the content box.
Press Save in the dialog box.
Position your gadget where you want it.
Press Save in the Page Elements page.
View your new blog with a mini Etsy.


Lisa Perrin said...

Thank you for all of your comments, i appreciate it! what lovely flowers :)

BOWquet said...

Your blog looks great!

Tanya said...

Girl, you rock! Thanks for that, I didn't even know I could add that to my store :)

And thanks for all the comments on my blog!!

sky of the sky said...

thanks so much for your fool proof, step by step process.
i'm so excited i now have my very own etsy mini!

Mary B Walsh "Mamie" said...

Thanks so much! I've added my shop to one of my your cards! ; )

Jeanne Selep said...

Oh, here is another neat how to. I haven't had time to implement it, but I figured if I put it here I would always be able to find it.