Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting ready for my first art show....

On display at the Cedarburg Cultural Center

There are so many things happening so fast this month. I have lots of projects in the works and going, and on many days I feel like I am juggling. Today I dropped off 4 artworks to the Cedarburg Artist's Guild's Main Street Gallery for an Exhibit called "Bye Bye Blues". This was after a last minute run to the framers, of course.

Most of the rest of the day I was preparing for my first art/craft mini mart. I am selling cards and photography at a church's women's retreat this Friday and Saturday. I will also be attending the retreat myself. I should be spiritually renewed if I'm not too stressed out!
I've never before needed a cash box, receipt pads, cash for the cash box, and packaging (bags?) for sales. I've never really needed significant display stands for my products. And of course I have been creating those products - running to the photo lab for prints, making cards and packaging them. It is only a small retreat, of 50-60 women, but the craft fair experience - planning, transporting, setting up, selling product, and taking down the booth at a art fair type of setting will be a good experience. And if not, the religious retreat experience should be renewing.
I purchased 3-4 card racks from a local business that is (unfortunately) going out of business. I spent enough on the card displays that I might not make enough sales to cover even the cost of the stands. See how small businesses are investing in the economy? I am hoping my sales will pay for the card displays. Cross your fingers for me!
I have the potential for doing 2-3 more art or in-home shows in the next two months. I am going to decide whether or not to put money down for booth fees after this weekend - I'll keep updating my blog as the month progresses. Now I'm going to frame a couple of more prints.
P.S. So far this month, I have posted at least one item a day in my on-line store .


esque said...

Wishing you many sales at the craft fair!

EverImprovingMe said...

what did you go with for packaging?