Friday, September 11, 2009

Providence and Random

WARNING: This is a really random post. Skip it and don't read it if you think reading it will make you want to stop checking out my blog postings.

I started attending a new bible study today, a Beth Moore bible study on Ester. It was very inspirational. Bible studies are similar to a philosophy exercise for me - they make your brain think beyond the basics of food, clothing, shelter. Whether or not you agree with my Christian religion, or religion at all, here are some thought provoking ideas I left the study with.

This particular bible study is going to try to answer questions:
What am I doing here?
Where in the World is God?

Providence is a word. It means "God is the power sustaining and guiding human destiny"

A. Is there a power sustaining and guiding human destiny?
I think there must be some power sustaining and guiding life.
If not, how or why would life exist.
What "power" is sustaining and guiding life?

Evolution is powered by something,

I don't feel evolution is incompatible with God.
I feel evolution is one of God's tools.
Or you may consider it this way.
Evolution is a tool of the power sustaining and guiding life.
God is a word one can use to describe the power that is sustaining and guiding life.

I don't think humanity is a result of random goo mucking around in a petri dish.
Viruses, primitive proteins maybe, bacteria even.

But not...
pollinating flowers and butterflies emerging from cocoons,
plants, fish, insects, mammals;
complex symbiotic relationships.
Not even a single cell.
A single cell with permeable membranes, mitochondria, DNA, structures.
And definitely not human beings
with their sustained and guided thoughts.

I hope humanities social evolution is powered by something.
If not, why aren't we all stealing from and killing each other,
like a bunch of primitive cavemen?

And what "force" sustains and guides our feelings of outrage
at those individuals who do steal and kill,
who act "like animals".
What force makes humanities outrage (at those who act like animals) acceptable,
and sustains and guides it?

I love the word "Random".
But the thoughts in this note I feel were sustained and guided.


Debsparkles said...

Some really deep thoughts for a Saturday night, hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

what I was looking for, thanks