Monday, July 20, 2009

July Etsy Treasuries

I wanted to share two wonderful July 1009 Etsy treasuries that included products of mine.

Treasuries are great fun to be in, because a "curator" I never met found and selected my artwork to be in their collection. You get a kind of thrill when you are included in a treasury. Both treasuries have expired by now. (Alas, treasuries only last 3 days...)

The treasury "Teen Scene" was created by anuradesignstudios and featured my lollipops card (In the top right corner).

Lollipops Card by Jeanne Selep of Selep Imaging
The lollipops card is available for sale in my on-line store.
MadAboutYarn created this treasury with the theme Peace. It featured my peace card pack (In the middle of the top row.) This item can be found for sale here in my etsy shop. I have a number of items with the peace sign.

(For an explanation of Etsy treasuries, click here )

Peace Sign Cards by Jeanne Selep of Selep Imaging


Noriko said...

Wow, how exciting!!!

jammatun said...

That it great!