Saturday, February 21, 2009

All that Pizzazz is now selling my cards

All That Pizzazz! is now carrying over 50 of my cards for sale. Located at W63 N698 Washington Ave. in historic downtown Cedarburg, WI, All That Pizzazz is committed to promoting and supporting Made in America products and other handmade works. The store is bursting with whimsical and beautiful glassware, ceramics & pottery, and unique home decor items you don't see everywhere else.

I hope you will stop in to see my cards if you are in the area. I am very excited that I have cards for sale in stores like All that Pizzazz and Elliot's Partyland. I change out the seasonal ones, (Both stores carried some of my valentine designs). After Valentines Day, I remove the unsold cards and replace them with different designs.

Of course, I have these designs and more for sale at . Meanwhile, it is snowing here in Wisconsin. AGAIN! So here is a final image of spring I want to leave you with - Spring Will Come!


Fon said...

Nice Picture!!! :D

Elizabear said...

That is wonderful! And the photo is beautiful!