Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Etsy Store grand opening.

Wow. For me this was a busy day. Today I opened my store on the internet: So far I have 5 items listed for sale. (OK, it's not a big store yet) is website for buying and selling all things handmade. Only artists can list there, and the sales are made directly to them. It took me all day (well, the children and husband were home...) to create the photos for the site and load 5 items (note cards so far) , etc. It was surprisingly easy. I hope you will visit my site.


I wonder if I'll have a sale in 2008! I now want to add more items, E-Mail friends about the site once I am happy with it, etc. Let me know what you think. I also have a website that I've had for my photography company for years:

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Mama Mayborne... said...

welcome to the blogging world!! looks like you are off to a nice start. keep it up and good luck on etsy too!